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. welcome to my carrd .

i like dsmp, so if that triggers you please block me /srs

About me

; he/they/kit/it/woof (+more neos)
; fritz / percy / tubbo
; 14, 15 this year.
; lesbian


; DSMP (not interested in dream himself, or schlatt!) Genshin Impact , Omori , FNF , FNAF/Blueycapsules, The Walten Files , sonic , undertale / deltarune
resident evil 7/8 , overwatch, adventure time, + more!


; basic crit, racist/homophobic/against lgbtq, dudebro, proshipper, dont support neopronouns/xenogenders.

older than 20 (unless i follow first)


also dni if you hate arcticsalv. we stan him in this household!


; i speak in caps a lot, and i sometimes spam tweet. im VERYYYY rt heavy, and i keyboard spam a lot (ex. IEVUYBGOUEHNIPD), i also use :] or !!!! a lot + some typing quirks i somehow picked up! if any of these annoys/triggers you, feel free to block/mute me.

i dont allow any kin doubles unless told otherwise! if you're blocked randomly thats most likely the reason.


WILL WILL WILL (@endacious)


NAS NA (@Nashsonist)

HAI MINTY (@TiredMinty)

ROOOSE (@MayhapsRose)

BEA *SHART* (@batsards)

press dis image to go to my kinz/friendz! :]

characters listed in order

Sunny/Omori (Omori)Billy (TWF)Razor (Genshin impact)Fritz (Blueycapsules)C!Tubbo (DSMP)Sorbet Shark (cookie run)
some other characters i kin are,

Napstablook , Papyrus (Undertale),
albedo, scaramouche, zhongli (GI), sammy (BC), Oliver (Vocaloid), genji (OW), Gin (YTTD), Gaara (naruto), queen chrysalis (MLP), Asriel (Undertale), Inosuke (DS), Marceline (AT), Jeremy (BC) , BILLY (TWF) , Jerry (BC), Scootaloo, Fluttershy, Pinkie pie (MLP), Ralsei (Deltarune) and manyyyy more!

all of my kins are serious/major because they are me irl (unless stated otherwise by me) i dont allow ANY kin doubles, unless i say otherwise. kin doubles cause me to go into serious panic attacks/anxiety attacks/ trigger extreme discomfort in me.

I also have some comforts!

Ranboo, all three wilburs, and most people in the dsmp (excpept dream/schlatt)
Luna (MLP)
basil / kel / aubrey / mari / hero (Omori)
michael (BC/FNAF)
yuri/natsuki/sayori (DDLC))
every single person from demon slayer / kimetsu no yaiba

ALL of my kins are also comforts!